Preventative Maintenance

Decrease Downtime By Scheduling Your Trailer Preventative Maintenance

Preventive maintenance (PM) consists of scheduled servicing, inspections, and vehicle repairs to prevent potential problems and maximize vehicle availability.

Safer towing is more than just knowing how to properly load and haul your trailer. Proper trailer maintenance is a must, so it’s important to have a maintenance schedule for your trailer. Trailer maintenance often takes a backseat to servicing the truck, but it’s vital to ensure that all components are working properly. A quality on-time preventive maintenance inspection for trailers is the best way to increase uptime, decrease running cost, ensure safety and prevent violations,

Every Six Months

At six-month intervals we recommended to inspect and service the following areas on your trailer:

  • Electric Brakes (magnet) – Check wear and current draw.
  • Electric Brakes (controller in tow vehicle) – Check power output (amperage) and modulation.
  • Tires – Thoroughly inspect tread and sidewalls. Replace tires when treads are worn and/or the sidewall is worn or has a bulge. Rotate tires every 5,000 miles.
  • Electric Brakes – Check operation
  • Surge Brakes – Check operation and master cylinder level.
  • Brake Shoes and Drums – Adjust.
  • Safety Chains and Hooks – Check for wear or damage.
  • Coupler and Hitch Ball – Check for cracks, pits, and flats. Replace with ball and coupler hitch having trailer GVW rating if needed. Grease, and then check the locking device and replace when worn.
  • Ring and Pintle – Follow the same steps as you would for the Coupler and Hitch Ball.
  • Wheel Bearings – Check for loose, worn, or damaged wheel bearings. Lubricate the bearings as needed.

Trailers should be professionally inspected annually or after any impact incidents

Annual Maintenance

Every year, be sure to check the following:

  • Brake Shoes and Drums (all types) – Check for scoring and wear. Replace per manufacturer specifications.
  • Jack, Drop-Leg (if equipped) – Grease gears at the top.
  • Structure Frame Members – Inspect all frame members, bolts, and rivets. Repair or replace damaged, worn, or broken parts.
  • Structure Welds – Inspect and repair all welds as needed.
  • Wheel Bearings – Disassemble, inspect, assemble, and repack. Replace immediately if immersed in water.
  • Wheel / Rims – Inspect for cracks and dents and replace as needed.
  • Axle Attachment Bolts – See your dealer for inspection.
  • Brake Wiring – Check for bare spots, fraying, etc. and replace as needed.

Professional Trailer Preventative Maintenance

It’s always best to allow a professional such as Ramirez Truck and Trailer Repair to conduct the trailer inspection. We not only have years of experience inspecting trailers but have the knowledge to inform you of any damage or repairs that need to be done in order to keep you, your trailer and your business operating smoothly.

Preventative Maintenance For Fleet Vehicles

A good fleet maintenance program will focus on preventive maintenance so that issues never occur during the use of the vehicle.Just like you shouldn’t neglect to change your personal car’s oil, you shouldn’t neglect your fleet either. By allowing Ramirez Truck and Trailer Repair to perform preventive maintenance on your fleet can reduce operational costs. When your vehicles run at top efficiency, they use less fuel and retain their value (in case they need to be liquidated later). A well maintained vehicle will cost more than a broken-down one in almost all cases.

Preventative Maintenance For Work Trucks

Your business depends on reliable vehicles, and that’s why sound maintenance is such an important part of quality service and to keep your engines running properly. Preventative maintenance involves inspection of all major engine and truck components: transmission, brakes, windows, tire tread and pressure, spots that need greasing, etc. The inspection itself takes about two and a half hours to complete. If any repairs or replacements need to be made—such as tire changes, replacement of windows or mirrors, etc.—these require additional time.

Regular scheduled service is important for ensuring the longevity of fleet and equipment. Scheduled Preventative Maintenance also provides us with a great opportunity to assess your fleet’s performance. This proactive dedication to service is important for keeping your team ahead of the pack.

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